How traders in the East African bloc are using RoyalQ to eliminate losses in Crypto trading

Crypto currency trading is one of the most lucrative trading activities in the world. However because the currency fluctuates every day, a number of people have ended up making loses as a result discouraging others from investing in crypto.

Crypto currency, or crypto as it is commonly called, is a digital money that eliminates the need to carry physical money. The currency exists only in digital form but can be used to buy both online and physical goods for instance from a local supermarket or pay school fees in a local school.

Besides the common currencies like the dollar, Pound Yen, Shillings or Francs, which are presented either in physical coins and currency notes, Crypto currency is presented in a digital form in a number of names. The most common name is Bitcoin but there are also other names like Ethereum, tether, USD Coin, BNB, Solana, Cardano and many more others.


Traders in the East African bloc have however become innovative and are now leveraging the use of technology to assist them in trading in order to eliminate trade losses. Many traders have signed up for Contract For Differences (CFD) accounts with RoyalQ to help them have an open eye on the trading dashboard.

RoyalQ is a robot programmed with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The robot learns from strategies used by experienced traders to enable it buy crypto when the price is at the lowest and selling when the price is at the highest.

The Scribe talked to Zulaika Mirembe, one of the most influential Crypto trader in Uganda and she revealed that RoyalQ takes advantage of the daily digital currency fluctuations to place manual market tracking when the market is favourable thereby eliminating losses. She adds that traders with RoyalQ have an advantage to pay only when they make profits.

RoyalQ is used by over 2 million users globally.

Zulaika Mirembe
Zulaika Mirembe is an accounting professional who resigned from her top management position as a banker to become a full time Crypto trader with RoyalQ. /File Photo

Zulaika Mirembe is a graduate accounting professional who has held top management positions in different banks and Financial Technology (Fintech) companies. Among the positions she held include working as a Quality Control Manager and a Regional Operations Manager in one of the top Fintechs in Uganda. She has since resigned from her ‘big jobs’ to concentrate on building her family as she watches RoyalQ robots help her make profits in crypto trading.

Due to the high volumes of question readers have been asking Scribe about RoyalQ, We requested  Zulaika Mirembe to allow us publish her whatsapp number such that she can answer some of your questions. Click here to redirect to her whatsapp inbox 

Additional information added on February 08th, 2024 By Moses Buule