How UGX1.4 Billion Bribe Forced Senyonyi to Fake COSASE Report on CAA


New details have emerged in how NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi, also Leader of Opposition took a Ugx1.4 billion bribe from authorities at the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority to forge a report about the organization.

CAA had been immensely engaged in a fraud scandal that tainted the image of the Aviation body which in 2022 was before the Ssenyonyi led COSASE probe into the misgivings of the institution.

CAA had among other things been accused of engaging in the swindling and mismanaging up to Ugx 720 billion that had been borrowed from the Export – Import Bank (EXIM Bank) of China to repair and upgrade several installations at Uganda’s main Port of entry and Exit.

Among the things supposed to be repaired included the taxi ways at the airport, the runways 17/30 and 18/35, the terminal building, among other things.

However, CAA first hired Seyani and Brothers for Consultation on the work which in turn was established that it wasn’t competent and such their work would leave Entebbe Airport unsafe.

Indeed, the airport remained in a sorry state despite being repaired that even led to the over shooting of the Rwanda Airline aircraft on the runway was it landed in Entebbe in 2022.

The incident which led to an intensified probe at the COSASE also became a subject of contention after the President immediately ordered the UPDF Engineering Brigade to take over the work of the construction and upgrade of the Airport.

As UPDF took over, the Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises, led by Joel Ssenyonyi engaged in a public probe into the matter.

Among the issues raised, Seyani and Brothers had hired a 13 year old consultant to engage in the repairs and upgrade of such a facility, contrary to what was required.

The members also found out that the contractor sub-contracted part of the work at the international airport to a company whose owner was underage.


The committee found out that the booth for tickets payment and check-in machines was built at a whopping UGX 5.6billion were not operating.


Also, the COSASE committee also found out that the sums of money collected from parking fees and tickets at the airport weren’t being accounted for. It was being eaten by the mafia networks at the airport.


So, after the team compiled its good report and handed it over to Ssenyonyi as head of COSASE such that he could present it on the floor of Parliament, the Committee members were shocked when he presented a fake report, devoid of the mess they had actually reported about what was happening at the airport.


Highly placed sources that asked not to be named, told this website that the Nakawa West MP started engagements, with an intermediary who is a senior politician on how the COSASE Chairperson would meet a delegation from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.

The Authority, at the time was led by an acting Director General, Mr. Fred Bamwesigye who had also been accused of not having requisite requirements to lead such an international Aviation body.

Through emissaries who also involved staff at the Ministry of Works and Transport and a member of Board of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Ssenyonyi asked for a whooping Ugx 3 billion to settle the matter.


“We however convinced him to go with the 1.4 billion which he took and didn’t share with colleagues in the committee.” One of the people who delivered the money to the MP said.

Audio recordings this website has heard clearly indicate, the MP promised to make an intervention that would not further Uganda Civil Aviation Authority whose name had been damaged not derailed.

No sooner had Ssenyonyi recieved the money than the Mawokota South MP Yusuf Nsibambi started engaging MPs and the then Leader of the Opposition Mathias Mpuuga complaining about the bribery scheme.

Ssenyonyi, who at the time, was determined not to share his loot with any one saw bad days coming ahead of him and, according to sources shared up to Ugx 400 million with a number of MPs.

One of the MPs who allegedly got a share of the loot told this website that such deals often times happen amongst opposition legislators.


No sooner had Ssenyonyi presented a fake report in Parliament about the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority than members of the COSASE committee started complaining about the corruption that occured.


“We also took the issue to the Shadow cabinet and it was discussed. He (Ssenyonyi) was tasked to explain. However, Hon Mpuuga the Leader of Opposition then cared less about the matter,” the source said.

Well as both Ssenyonyi and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority claim there wasn’t any wrong doing, Parliament wondered why one person single handedly changed a committee report if it was not for his personal gains.

“Take the allegation and utter trash. It is not true,” said Vianney Luggya, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Spokesperson.