I want my son, Husband free -Makindye woman cries out to Resident City Commissioner

Alice Namuddu the wife of detained Charles Nsubuga a resident of Bunga in Makindye Division has appealed to the area Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Ibrahim Kagolola to intervene in the matter in which her husband was arrested and remanded by Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court.

On February, 18 , 2019.  Mr Nsubuga was detained at Luzira government prison over conspiracy to defeat justice case under c15103 of the penal code act.

It is alleged that Mr Nsubuga’s detention emanated after standing surety for his son Samuel Masagazi formerly an employee  of Mulagye Community Development Organization, who was arrested over criminal trespass in January, 2018.

According to Mrs Namuddu, her son Masagazi was summoned by the police for criminal trespass in January, 2018.

To my surprise, the police summoned him to help them in their investigations and later he was taken in by another police department and tortured. My husband intervened and my son was released to us all beaten up and almost unconscious,” she added.

In addition,Namuddu says immediately when her son returned home he started facing a lot of phone call threats from unscrupulous people who could call him especially at night citing they are to kill him if he didn’t give them what they wanted. Her son always told him it was about a friend of his, David.

Since then, Masagazi flee the country until now his whereabouts remain known by only a few.

She said after her son failing to appear at jinja rd police station  the police arrested her husband which altogether has worsened her life and lives in total agony because as a family they are struggling to make ends meet.

“I want my husband free. I don’t see any reason why until now he is still under torture,” Namuddu said while her eyes turning teary.

Speaking to Makindye RCC Kagolola, he promised to intervene in the matter to ensure that Mrs Namuddu and her family are granted justice.