On this year’s Idd Adhuh event, I take the opportunity to wish the Muslims andmankind in general, blessed sacrificial festivals. In a special way, I want to convey Idd

Mubarack to the enrolled and prospective learners and well-wishers of the QuranDarasa which we are conducting Via Zoom.

We are marking Idd Adhuha under a lot of stress and strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the corona virus, it has not been possible for Muslims outside Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. In Uganda we cannot hold Idd Adhuha prayers in congregation, because mosques, churches and places of worship are all closed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the way we relate with Allah who our creator and sustainer, but it has had far reaching repercussions almost on all aspects of our lives.

Although the lock down on the economy is in Uganda being eased, many people are still struggling to restart their businesses and other means of livelihood.

Schools and universities are closed and about 15 million young Ugandan are seated at home, just passing time. This kind of situations calls for concerted efforts to search for viable new ways of doing things.

It was in this situation that recently we initiated a program of teaching the reading of Quran via Zoom.

The Zoom App brings together all people from all over the globe and puts them in one classroom.

The Quran Darasa via Zoom is accessible by learners from all over the globe but so far it has attracted students and sympathizers from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa, USA and Britain.

It has not been so simple to do it, but we can now confidently say that we know where we are heading and how to reach there.

The Quran Darasa is not just a Covid 19 project, but it will continue even when the corona virus is defeated and eradicated.

We inform those who did not know about this opportunity, that it is available and it is possible.

You can all study Quran from where you are. We are great full to all those who have responded positively or rendered support in one way or another to the Quran Darasa via Zoom and we are open to continued advise and collaboration.

كل عام وانتم بخير . عيد مبارك‎

Muhammad Mayanja

Muslim Center for Research and Education Assessment {MCREA}

Dated 28/7/2020

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