Jacinto Kibuuka, witchdoctors accuse Inter religious council of Uganda of fighting them: You are discriminative

The inter religious council of Uganda (IRCU), a religious regulatory body, has been accused by religious leaders in Uganda for being discriminative in nature. According to Uganda’s minister of ethics and integrity, Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo, a line ministry for religions in Uganda says at least 5 religions have petitioned his ministry complaining against the IRCU for discriminating them.

The inter religious council of Uganda is an umbrella body of religions in Uganda founded in 2001 working to achieve peace and harmony within the country with a mission to promote dialogue and harmonious coexistence amongst all faith groups, this according to a statement on IRCU website seen by the Scribe News.

Current membership seems however to be limited to only 5 mainstream rOthordox and two cults.

Recently Tondism, a local religion guided on the principles of African Traditional worship commonly referred to as witchcraft practitioners requested for admission as a member in the IRCU but according to Dr. Joseph Serwadda, one of the presidents of the IRCU, the application was not considered.

Mr. Jumba Aligawesa, the leader of Tondism described this as an act of discrimination which he says violates the principles of the inter religious council of Uganda.

The inter religious council of Uganda is a member of the world council of religions for peace, a global body founded in 1970 to bring together world religions guided by the principal of respecting religious differences and preserving the identity of each religious community.

Rev. Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka (now bishop), the leader of the Evangelical Othordox Church in Uganda also decried the activities of the IRCU saying they are choosing to behave like a religion instead of regulation powers.

Bishop Kibuuka was banished from the mainstream Catholic church and decided to found his Màmre Prayer Centre in the outskirts of Kampala until he was consecrated bishop by the Evangelical Othordox church which he now wants to register as a member of the IRCU.

The inter religious council of Uganda is currently under the leadership of Sheik Ramathan Shaban Mubajje, the Muslim leader in Uganda.

Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo attributed some of the challenges in the religious community in Uganda due to the failure from the IRCU to carry on its duties and instead choosing to concentrate on doing charity work.

By press time a comment was yet to be secured from the inter religious council of Uganda.