ISO boss warns students against engaging in strikes

The Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Lt Col Emmy Katabazi has warned students that schools are not places for strikes.

Addressing students as the Chief Guest during the 34th Rubanda district Uganda National Students Association Council held at Nyaruhanga High School in Rubanda district a few days ago, Katabazi issued a strong warning to students who engage in strikes after having disagreements with administrators

He told students that instead of resorting to strikes, they would rather raise their issues to administrators and sort them amicably. He added that many students have destroyed school properties through engaging in strikes and chaotic situations which have resulted in loss of lives, expulsion, and heavy charges among others.

Lt Col. Katabazi emphasized the need for discipline among the students if they are to perform well in academics.

He reminded them of government programs like Parish Development Model and others that will improve their household income.

The deputy Resident District Commissioner Sheema district, Sam Evidence Orikunda also re-echoed the warning to students against involving chaos

He reminded students that a school is an address for study, not for rioting.

Mr. JohnBosco Namara, the Rubanda district UNSA coordinator noted that the council aims at bringing leaders together and nurture young boys and girls to be great leaders and responsible citizens. He said the council is also meant to remind the students of their roles and elect new UNSA committee members.

The annual student leaders meeting was attended by students from different secondary schools in Rubanda and teachers including Nyaruhanga high school, Muko high school, Bubare Ss, St Agatha girls Kakore, St Charles Lwanga SS, among others. Almost 20 secondary schools attended the council meeting.

“If you want to riot, you must find some other places. This is a place for learning, discussion and intellectuality not a center of bad manners.”