Ivory Coast’s AFCON Victory; Not just for fun but A Blueprint to government’s support for youth initiatives in Uganda

By Akansasira Victor Junior

The recent victory of the Ivory Coast national football team in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) on February 12th, 2024, holds valuable lessons for the Ugandan government and its leaders. With Uganda boasting a youth population of over 78% and facing the challenge of high youth unemployment rates, it is crucial for the government to learn from Ivory Coast’s success.

As a leader, do you truly think about ‘ SECURING THE FUTURE OF THE SILENT MINORITY- MAJORITY? Tell us how you plan for them without engaging them in national development. Do you realize the politics in sports of Uganda? Ok…What is the importance of investing in sports infrastructure and promoting youth empowerment through various creative avenues?

Look at the lessons implores in The Ivory Coast’s AFCON victory which was as a result of exceptional teamwork and cohesion. Ugandan leaders should recognize the importance of fostering unity among the youth to achieve collective goals. By encouraging collaborative efforts and promoting inclusivity, the government can create an environment that harnesses the potential of Uganda’s young population. This can be achieved through initiatives such as mentorship programs, youth forums, and community-driven projects that encourage teamwork and cooperation.

A successful tactical approach played a vital role in Ivory Coast’s victory. Ugandan leaders MUST focus on developing strategic plans that address the needs and aspirations of the youth population. By investing in comprehensive and well-thought-out policies, the government can create opportunities that align with the interests of the youth. This can include initiatives such as vocational training programs, entrepreneurship support, and targeted job creation strategies.

Ivory Coast’s victory showcased the importance of individual skills and performance. Ugandan leaders don’t prioritize investing in the development of young people’s talents and skills. But by enhancing access to quality education, vocational training, and mentorship programs, Uganda can nurture a generation of skilled and capable individuals who can contribute to the nation’s progress in various sectors.

A key lesson from Ivory Coast’s success lies in the significance of preparation and training where Ugandan leaders need to think deeply in the focus on creating an enabling environment for sports and creative arts to thrive. Increasing the budget for sports infrastructure and promoting the establishment of training centers can provide youth with the necessary resources and facilities to hone their skills. This investment will not only contribute to their physical well-being but also instill discipline, perseverance, and a sense of purpose.

The triumph of Ivory Coast’s football team highlights the importance of mental health and resilience. Ugandan leaders must prioritize the well-being of the youth population by promoting mental health awareness and providing support services. This can include establishing counseling centers, organizing workshops on stress management, and destigmatizing mental health issues. By nurturing a resilient and mentally strong youth, Uganda can unlock their full potential and contribute to the nation’s growth.

In addition to sports, Ugandan leaders have to recognize the potential of creative arts in empowering the youth. By supporting initiatives such as theater groups, music academies, and art programs, the government can provide alternative paths for self-expression and employment. These avenues not only foster creativity but also contribute to cultural preservation and promote tourism, thus boosting economic growth.

The Ivory Coast’s AFCON victory offers valuable insights and lessons for Ugandan leaders. By prioritizing teamwork and cohesion, adopting a strategic approach, investing in individual skills, enhancing preparation and training, and prioritizing mental health and resilience, Uganda can empower its youth population. Furthermore, by increasing the budget for sports infrastructure and promoting creative arts, the government can provide opportunities for employment and self-expression. It is essential for Uganda’s leaders to embrace these lessons and pave the way for a prosperous future, driven by the potential and talent of its youth.

Cadre Akansasira Junior Victor
-National Coordinator -NYCA
– PRO, Furaha Training Institute
0702969211 / 0785499836