JEEMA denies Allegations of Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi of Funding Mohamed Kateregga

I have read a news article published by one of online news blog about NRM wars in Bukomansimbi district. The writer alleged that Hon Nakiwala Kiyingi is fighting NRM’s Ruth Katushabe by fronting JEEMA’s Muhammad Kateregga for Bukomansimbi north MP seat. This is an insult to Justice Forum/JEEMA as a political party and to the person of Kateregga Muhammad.

For starters, Kateregga Muhammad is the district chairman for Bukomansimbi. He has held that position since 2011 and has been winning overwhelmingly in previous two elections beating other parties’ candidates. He’s been fronted by JEEMA not anybody else.

Those in Bukomansimbi know that in 2011, on his swearing in, Mr Kateregga Muhammad openly told residents that he was going to serve for only two terms and then vie for MP seat before the constituency was split into two constituencies.


He has served the two terms and now wants to represent the people of Bukomansimbi North where he hails from. JEEMA wanted to deploy him as a full-time secretary general after the two terms but Bukomansimbi people requested that he saves the image of the district from mediocre MPs who have not done what it takes to market the district on national platforms.

Infact today, when you talk of Bukomansimbi, the only leader that is known from there since Ben Kiwanuka’s days is Muhammad Kateregga.

It’s against the above background that, the people of Bukomansimbi asked their district governor to continue serving them as a member of parliament for Bukomansimbi north.

Hon Katushabe Ruth has been a mediocre representative and the people of Bukomansimbi North want to substitute her with the very exposed and indomitable lion of Bukomansimbi in the names of Kateregga and no amount of blackmail can help Katushabe.

At first, it were allegations that Mr Kateregga Muhammad has concentrated development programs in Bukomansimbi north because he wants to contest in the area; a claim the people from other constituencies dismissed as the whole district is thankful of the development undertakings Mr Kateregga Muhammad has done in the whole of the district.

Mr Kateregga Muhammad is a JEEMA candidate and not any other person or entity.

Thank you.

The writer is Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu spokesperson of Justice Forum/JEEMA political party.

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