JOSEPH KIYIMBA; Why Mugisha Uthuman Kadiri Junior is the Darling Young Blood For Hoima District

It’s just hours to 28th/08/2023 much anticipated Hoima NRM by election. This follows, the nasty fatal accident that befell the former District Chairman

It’s now five months after the demise of Mr Kirungi Kadiri former Chairman and the law stipulates for a by election incase of such an incident. The death occurred on 18th/March/2023. The former Chairman is the biological father of Mugisha Uthuman Kadiri junior.

Mugisha Uthuman Kadiri Junior has proved to the Naysayers to be really worth the job of L.C5 Chairman. This darling young man of 26 years a borne of Buseruuka, Hoima District, has showcased fundamental determining factors of any strong politician throughout the entire campaign. His demeanor, confidence,eloquence skills plus exhibition of positive attitude and characters are something else for such a young ambitious man.


1. Young blood,call it youthful factor; Kadiri Junior is a strong young man with a great zeal to lead the district. He is highly supported by youths and women. The youths chant Kadiri junior in all corners of the district. Women support emotionally because of him being young and brilliant. This further confirms that the youths factor shall determine the winner of the day once they are well mobilised to vote, and seems to be a recurring factor even in 2026 general elections.

2. The candidate (Kadiri Junior). This slender but physically and mentally very energetic young man, he’s himself a factor. He has shocked and vastly surprised almost every opinion leader in the entire Bunyoro region, his opponents reached a point of pushing for a stage managed sole candidate but all was futile.

This inept idea move was outshined by Kadiri junior’s smart strong reasoning response to quibble-trivia concerns raised/addressed to 1st ‘Permanent’ National Vice Chairman of NRM Hajji Moses Kigongo. The darling young boy went on to surprise the 1st ‘Permanent’ National Vice Chairman of NRM during the meeting he chaired a few weeks back to listen to reasons by one (it’s in a singular form because it later came out that one of the candidates recruited and fronted candidates to get quorum for sole candidature), who was fronting for a sole candidate.

The ‘Permanent’ (quoted for a reason) First National Chairman of NRM, strongly nullified the inept sole candidature move and directed all candidates to go traverse and canvas for votes from the people and therefore rubbished the cowardly move as had been planned by already traumatized opponent (s).This was a heartbreaker to the other opponent(s)!!

The reasons were very wanting, imagine an opponent claiming that his competitor is very young, yet the constitution clearly stipulates eighteen years and above, such a cowardly opponent (s).

3.Unfinished business (sympathy)

As earlier indicated, the Late Kirungi Kadiri senior was a biological father to Mugisha Uthuman Kadiri junior. He had fought land grabbing, fighting for longtime squatters on government land mostly on all landing sites connecting to Lake Albert, fought syndicate involved in jobs recruitment and corruption at the District.

He faced an abrupt death in the middle of his would be a successful term. This whence boasts the significance support to his son, a graduate nurse. Voters have a belief that the son shall successfully execute the district tasks and responsibilities.

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4. His love to NRM
Kadiri junior’s love NRM is overwhelming, he has been donning yellow from day one of the campaigns, preaching NRM message. He has motivated and lured many young people to join NRM. He has been identified as a ray of hope to link the young generation to the government programs in Hoima initially they had an illusion that they were isolated, which Kadiri junior declines.

All of the above well elaborated factors have been supported by the overwhelming love he has been experiencing throughout the entire campaign rally turnouts, many different gifts extended to him, these include chicken, goats, rabbits…

Wish you a landslide victory Kadiri Junior!!


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The Writer is an NRM Cadre, a believer in Musevenism and MK as his Next President hailing from Lwengo district.