KABALE; New Youth Groups Receive Shs.136M under Youth Lively hood Program


Kabale, Uganda – Eighteen youth groups in Kabale district received a total of Shs. 136 million from the government’s Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) during a training session held at the Kabale District Rukiiko Hall.

The training, organized by the Kabale District Community Office, aimed to equip the beneficiaries with skills on managing and repaying the funds. Mr. Moses Akampurira, the Kabale District Community Development Officer, emphasized the program’s revolving nature, reminding participants that the money needs to be returned within three years to benefit other groups.

Akampurira commended the Kabirago and Muguli Youth Groups from Rubaya sub-county for their exemplary performance in returning the YLP funds on time and utilizing them effectively in their agricultural ventures. Their dedication earned them additional capital from the district to further enhance their businesses.

Mr. Fred Kalyesubura, the Kabale District Administrative Officer, cautioned the youth groups against spending the funds on non-productive activities, stressing the importance of responsible financial management. He also urged the sub-county community development officers to provide guidance and monitor the groups’ progress to ensure the program’s success.

The YLP is a national initiative aimed at curbing youth unemployment and poverty. It operates in all 146 districts of Uganda, offering loans to organized youth groups with a maximum repayment period of three years and an interest rate of 5%. Notably, groups returning the funds within a year are exempt from interest charges.