Kabuleta, other opposition politicians team up to put an end to Museveni’s leadership

A section of opposition political parties have formed a holy Alliance to spearhead a constructive dialogue and ensure a smooth political transition for Uganda.

The political parties include the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), JEEMA,  Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) Alumni, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Democratic Party (DP) bloc,Conservative Party (CP) and People’s Development Party (PDP).

According to the leaders who include Joseph Kabuleta of NEED, Asuman Basalirwa of JEEMA and Lubega Mukaaku, the alliance is aimed at addressing critical issues in Uganda and fostering a constructive dialogue for a stable political transition as their main theme.

During a press conference held at Jevine Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday, Mr. Kabuleta informed the media that there’s a need for preparation in the post-Museveni era, emphasising that the Holy Alliance’s purpose extends beyond being an opposition group.

“The focus is on planning for a time when Mr. Museveni’s leadership comes to an end,” he said.

Mr. Kabuleta also underscored the importance of economic empowerment and financial liberation as crucial when it comes to meaningful politics.

He highlighted Uganda’s abundant resources and the need for inclusive economic policies to benefit all citizens.

Furthermore, Mr. Kabuleta criticised the current system that allows a few individuals to control resources, saying it hinders economic development.

He emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive economy where every citizen celebrates national gains. Also, he urged a shift from financial disempowerment to economic empowerment, ensuring a vibrant and participatory democracy.

In his part, Hon. Basalirwa highlighted the historical context of the struggle for political freedom in Uganda, dating back to pre-independence where he emphasised that the Holy Alliance is a response to the need for unity in addressing common challenges.

“It’s about commitment to principles such as reality, good governance, constitutionalism, rule of law, justice even as our national motto “For God and my Country” stipulates,” he said.

“The Holy Alliance aims to spearhead a constructive dialogue for a stable political transition, calling for a national law on dialogue with clear parameters and consultative processes.”

Hon. Basalirwa further expressed concerns about emerging and unresolved issues, including the land question, federalism, the economy and electoral reforms. He proposed the immediate establishment of a constitutional review commission to provide a comprehensive platform for reconsidering constitutional amendments.

On the other hand, Mr. Lubega Mukaaku reiterated the Holy Alliance’s commitment to a constructive dialogue for a stable political transition.

Hon. Lubega Mukaaku also emphasised the need for a national dialogue to redefine governance structures and formulate a new constitution for Uganda.

In conclusion, all the participating Party presidents ratified that the “The Holy Alliance” stands ready to revisit unresolved issues and contribute to the creation of a new foundation for the country, ensuring a fair and inclusive system for all citizens during this critical time of transition.