Kabuleta; Uganda’s Political Transition has come, Neither Police, Museveni, nor Mao Can Halt Its Arrival

Embracing an era of profound change, Joseph Kabuleta, the leader of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) has boldly declared the arrival of Uganda’s political transition.

In a resounding proclamation, the former Presidential Candidate asserted that neither Police, President Yoweri Museveni, nor Justice Minister Norbert Mao can impede its unstoppable march.

Mr. Kabuleta made the remarks today during a press conference held at Speke Hotel in Kampala. The conference came hot on the heels after police blocking the Grand Big Tent Event organized by the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) Alumni at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.

Mr. Kabuleta emphasized the imperative for Ugandans and leaders alike to recognize the imminent arrival of a transitional period. He asserted that no force could obstruct this inevitability. Consequently, he highlighted his party’s and UYD’s joint endeavour to cultivate principled leaders to oversee this impending transition.

“There is a thirst for quality leadership and there are Uganda Young Democratic Alumni who are bringing people together to address those issues to make everybody a stakeholder in what this country will be. And I can tell this here, the time of transition has come and this country is going to be ruled by quality leaders who are not going to be of Museveni’s bloodline! So we are going to determine the future of this country regardless of what forces against us, the like-minded people,” he said.

Continuing, he expounded on the rationale behind NEED’s collaboration with UYD Alumni, emphasizing their shared belief in the significance of transition underpinned by exceptional leadership. Kabuleta pledged the efficacy of their partnership, citing their collective dedication to this cause as the driving force behind their collaboration.

“We are like-minded people and I thank these people because we sat and discussed and we found that we believe the same things, we want the future for this country and UYD have fought for this in excess for 20 years and we are ready to work together. However, the Police’s involvement to block us from discussing the future of Uganda is disturbing. So what’s wrong with political leaders sitting in one place peacefully discussing this is not going to stop us, we are going to continue traversing the whole country whether they like it or not,” he said.

Mr. Kabuleta further conveyed his dismay regarding certain opposition members who, in his view, acted against their own colleagues. He pointed to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Norbert Mao, whom he accused of pressurizing police to cancel the grand big tent event.

“There’s an emerging faction acting as an advance guard for the regime’s interests. Some claim to be part of the opposition, yet they’ve become an inconspicuous force employed by the regime to sow discord among us. While I wouldn’t be taken aback if it were the regime itself to stop us, the unexpected involvement of figures like Mao in thwarting our efforts was a significant surprise. I never expected him to send Police at us,” he said.

Speaking about the halting of the event by police, Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaku, a prominent figure within UYD Alumni said that they had adhered to all stipulations outlined in the Public Order Management Act of 2013. He noted that all high-ranking officers within the Police had granted approval for their event to proceed. However, the reversal of decisions, including among the top leadership in the police, stemmed from a single individual’s directive.

“We appreciate the initial support from Police headquarters for our prior event at Hotel Africana and their subsequent approval for our current event. However, yesterday, an individual informed the management at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel that a dissatisfied minister disapproved of our gathering. Despite engagements where the police headquarters reaffirmed our permission, today, unidentified individuals ordered the closure of gates and patrols arrived, citing received orders.”

Like Kabuleta, Mukaku reiterated the urgent necessity for Uganda to embrace quality leadership. However, he highlighted the existence of a formidable opposition within the country striving vigorously to impede this progress, indicating that these forces have infiltrated even the opposition ranks.

“Nobert Mao, now a Minister, needs to understand that UYD isn’t exclusively DP; it comprises members from DP as well as other political affiliations. He lacks the authority to halt the UYD Alumni gathering. It seems he’s losing sight of the situation. He was invited and could have presented his perspective at the table. He’s an alumnus, undeniable, but not the president of UYD Alumni!” he said.

Mr. Mukaku firmly underscored that neither Mao nor the Police would hinder their collaboration with NEED, asserting their determination to traverse the country advocating for the importance of quality leadership. Regardless of obstacles, he hinted that they are resolute in holding their next gathering in January at Masaka.