Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga Meets Buganda Youth Groups

Several groups of Baganda youths including Kabaka Mwennyango, Abaggalaggala, Nkobazambogo, Akezimbira, Nkerettanyi, have today gathered at Bulange to interact with Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

In an annual meeting, Katikkiro gives courageous words to the youths to enable them face the world challengs with deternimation.

In his remarks, Katikkiro urged the youths to work relentlessly and copy the habit of investment especially in their areas of specialty and profession.

He emphasized them to open up accounts in Essuubiryo Zambogo Sacco because cooperatives are potential game changers in Uganda’s aspiration to transform the welfare of its people. Cooperatives provide a vehicle through which the predominantly rural work force and the dynamic urban sector can be integrated into Uganda’s transformation agenda.

The Katikkiro gave the four guidelines the youths should follow in order to be successful.

     To search for knowledge

To stick to one area of professionalism


      To be patient, A patient person wins big

The Minister for youths, sports and recreation, Henry Kiberu Ssekabembe, urged the youths to persist in their determination and positive spirit, stressing the importance of working together to promote a culture of creativity and productivity.

Buganda’s Minister for culture, tourism, heritage, and Lubiri issues, David Kyewalabye Male, expressed his appreciation for the achievements ‘Baganda Nkerettanyi ‘ group have made especially their efforts in supporting the ongoing activities at Kasubi Royal tombs.

The youths highlighted their experiences in turning their ideas into projects, in fields such as training, innovation, creativity and capacity-building.

They stressed the need to encourage young people to seek knowledge via reading books and providing training opportunities for youths.