Kayunga District Confirms 2 Postive Cases of COVID-19

Kayunga District has confirmed 2 Positive Cases of COVID 19 among the 65 Contacts who have been at Namagabi Quarantine Center for 14 Days.

When the results were released by ministry of health it was confirmed that 2 Persons were found positive and the District Health Team & Surveillance Team helped with the MOH team to curb the Situation.

Later in the Evening the 63 People who had completed their 14 days got information that they will stay for more 14 days they started to demonstrate but the team went and calmed them down.

They will stay for only tonight at Namagabi & tomorrow the whole Group will be relocated to Kayunga district main hospital.

The Surveillance team also traced and got 22 Contacts for the truck driver & 13 Contacts for the Chairman LC1 Kamuli village and more are yet to be brought on board.

Kayunga District now has got 7 Positive cases according to records of district COVID-19 task force.

Kayunga district is commonly known of growing pineapples, watermelon and tomatoes which truck drivers go to pick and supply them to neighboring countries.