Kenyan youths fight for change, promise to plant 100 million trees

Trees give a natural habitat to the wild animals. The reduction of trees in Kenya is causing a threat to protected wild animals thereby threatening extinction of some species as their homes are destroyed.

Ronald Kalumba talked to Benard Kioko Ndaka, the Co-Founder and CEO of Green Economy Foundation Of Kenya in an exclusive interview to find out why his organization is mobilising the youths to promote environmental conservation.

He told us that Africa is loosing its natural resource by allowing people to fell trees as they look for cooking fuel. Charcoal and firewood are the major sources of cooking fuel in many African communities including Kenya.

Ndaka is inspired by the late Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan professor who planted 52 million trees. Like the professor, Ndaka is now leading a group of Kenyan youths to plant 100 million trees allover Africa.

“Climate change is an alarming issue.
It has brought effects like drought , desertification , erratic rainfall , food insecurity , reduction of wild animals and much more. Its time to love nature and plant trees like never before” Ndaka said.

To achieve this mission, the organization started by sensitizing communities in an effort to create a mindset change which according to Ndaka will help the people to appreacite the environment thereby start advocating for environmental management and conservation.

Kenya is known for safari tourism because it gives a natural habitat to many unique wild animals. Good environmental practices and conservation, according to Ndaka is the best way to protect. Kenyan tourism as billions of people world over are protected from greenhouse gases.

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