Kitatta’s efforts yield fruits as Kagganda HC II in Lwengo starts recieveing drugs and medical supplies from National Medical Stores 

The residents of Kkingo Sub-county in Lwengo District are having a smile on their face as their Kaggada Health Centre II was uploaded in the system of Ministry of Health to start receiving drugs and other medical supplies from the National Medical stores.

For over 10 years, this Health centre II has not been getting any medical supplies and drugs from government until the Lwengo District LCV Chairperson Hon Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik worked tirelessly to see that the situation changes.

Hon Kitatta worked closely with the LCIII Chairperson of the subcounty Mr Kibira Aloysius on top of making numerous trips and calls to the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine requesting to have the Health Centre II uploaded to the Ministry’s system to start receiving government drugs. Dr Atwine then sent a team to inspect the health facility to see that it meets the minimum standards as required and later directed the Uganda Medical stores to reinstate Kagganda to the list of receipts of medical supplies with immediate effect.

As we report, Kagganda HC II has already received 1st quarter drugs/medicine after 10 years of not getting. The people of Kagganda parish are now able to access health services for free.

The Lwengo District Leadership has taken a bold choice to revolutionarise the Health Sector across the whole district with projects already in progress whose fruits will all be in plain sight for every one to see.