Kyaggwe County (Ssaza) Chief Elijah Bogere Launched SPORTS COMMITTEE

In couple of months to kick-off “Masaza” tourney 2020,new “Kyaggwe”,officially launched County Sports Committee, with emphasise to first prioritise to football on both Men and Women.

“Sekiboobo” Bogere Elijah aka “Mulembya” from Mpindi clan,while residing over the gathering,he called for transparancy,togetherness and unity to frame up solidality amongest the management and sectoral committees.
He emphasised the members to always  focus on discipline,as a lead key to put actions in practise rather than gossiping.

The newly appointed Mangement Committee Chairperson,Mr Musitwa Emmanuel laid out the attributes and obstacle they faced previously and stupleted the key way forward before the members.
Musitwa stated on Thursday afternoon at County headquarters,2020 Masaza campaign to be kick-off with Resume of Sekibobo Cup in February.
“Sekibobo Cup will be moved Subcounty by Subcounty across the fourteen(14) Subcounties in Kyaggwe.
The 2019 Masaza Tourney Champions Bulemenzi Football Team knocked out Kyaggwe FT at quarter Finals on aggregate 0(0)-(1)0 on Home-Away basis.
The Sports Committee list of name(s) appointed as below.
1-Chairperson Musitwa Emmanuel
2-Vice Chairperson Steven Mpiima aka 
3-Secretary Benard Bainaman Bampaire.
4-Vice Secretary Kikomeko Greg Julius.
5-Treasurer Malende Wanzu.
6-Dpty Treasurer Mukasa Emmanuel.
7-Publicity Sentongo Drake.
8-Marketing Senyonga Basta.
9-Technical (Appointment *TBC)* 
However even other 12 sectoral committees were also appointed.