There is Always Light at the end of the Tunnel.

I know many people going through hardships in this COVID-19 pandemic Situation. Many people never thought of this but we thank God for keeping us alive till this time.

Life is everything. You can’t reach out to your goals when you are dead down there in a coffin!. Atleast we need to embrace that, Life Life Life “Kyekikulu” at this time no worries we shall bounce back.

Many businesses got a serious shock that’s why you get people saying “Capital naye tumulidde aweddewo” which is a true narrative in a local man’s life. I believe it will be hard for many to kickstart again easily but still we shall bounce back stronger!.

Lessons learnt..

Honestly many people out there in developing countries like Uganda have learnt quite a number of lessons from this pandemic Situation. One would ask like which and which…

Trust me our saving culture is going to change by force or what!. As a one scholar said “If you don’t want change change will change you”. These things of chewing money fwaaaaaaaa will be no more to many which is the right move.

Despite of the few domestic violence cases we’ve got in our communities trust me many marriages and relationship have also gained some growth. Time spent between parents and children has also been somehow a big deal to tell too. Unfortunately I don’t have a family yet but I know that.

Lastly this is what the gov’t needs to do for its people after the lockdown. Many people conducting small business ventures do survive on loans, Yes Loans “Bewola” but remember these different banks have got different policies when it comes to loans. The gov’t should come out with a clear plan engaging these banking institutions to restructure these loan frameworks. Second let me look on these arcade guys within CBD. Don’t get surprised watching tenants staging up demonstrations after the lockdown because these Arcade owners will demand their rent for the months these people been not working.

But we shall Overcome @Prof. Sharif.

The Writer is Sharif Nsubuga, a Procurement Professional  and an aspiring Member of Parliament, Kalungu East Constituency (in the coming general elections 2021)

Whatsapp: +256751027282