Man accused of homosexuality fears for his life, flees country


In Uganda, homosexual is illegal and the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in country face a lot of challenges such as homophobia.

Despite, the annulment of The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, in August 2014, the LGBT people up to date still face major discrimination, violent and brutal attacks in the East African country.


Mike Miiro Kisomose is among the many homosexuals who have tasted the wrath of some Ugandans who believe that the vice is ‘Western’ and against the cultural norms of Africans.

Kisomose was forced to flee his own country when locals in his home area-Mulago Zone, Ntawo Ward in Mukono Division started issuing death threats to him. This was after they discovered that he was having intimate relationships with his fellow men.

According to the area LC1 Chairperson Juma Lwanga, in 2016, they caught Kisomose red handed making love to a fellow man and as leaders together with some residents, they decided to banish him from the village.

The residents also accused Kisomose of recruiting young people into homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and due to Kisomose’s evil actions of sleeping with fellow men, as local council leadership we decided to banish him from our village. We understand that now days, the culprit either stays in South Africa, Denmark or England,” the LC1 Chairperson said in a 26 January, 2020 letter to residents of Ntawo ward, tasking them to report Kisomose in case they come in contact with him.

The Chairperson also revealed that up to date, they are still hunting for Kisomose’s associates who had made it a tendency to spread the vice in Mukono and Uganda at large.

“All responsible authorities have the warrant to arrest Kisomose incase they see him anywhere in Uganda. He must be charged for his immorality.”

Recently while President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni while appearing on BBC he said that as Uganda will not allow the act of homosexuals in the country and he informed the entire world that its illegal to be practiced in the country.

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