Mass covid19 vaccination to kick off in all Mukono schools starting mid June 2022

By Eric Yiga

Mukono district to start mass vaccination of covid19 around all schools in its jurisdiction starting from 12 years to 17 years 

Dr Stephen Mulindwa the district Health Officer noted that in Mukono district they have noted that about 30 percent  of the children between this age  they’re  in schools  both primary and secondary across the entire district.
Dr Mulindwa added that they have noticed that this virus affects children most because they are always in mass and their immunity is low compared to that of the adult.
” These children also live with the masses always,share with other children and this virus is airborne and contagious so they have to be considered.” Dr Mulindwa noted.
Ministry of health mouthpiece Emmanuel Ainebyonna says that they’re still working on the approach of the government and they want to vaccinate children between 5-17 years but they need  to work with parents to have a more  harmonized  approach and currently they are consulting the stakeholders who are the parents.
Ainebyonna added that the government Will communicate the harmonized approach after consulting parents and all stakeholders and the ministry of Education and Sports.
Director General Health Services from Ministry of Health Dr Henry G Mwebese says that no children will be vaccinated against covid19 against their parents guidance or caretaker  consent.
” Government likes to boost the immunity  of children against  covid19 through vaccination but discussions are still ongoing with all stakeholders including parents on the best approach to be undertaken.” Dr Mwebesa noted.
Programmes manager Uganda National Expanded Program Immunisation (UNEPI)  Dr Alfred Driwale  says that  this a preparation of another wave which will hit the country any time.
He appealed to the parents to trust them by the guidance will be given to them by the ministry of health and trust to do this in good faith and also to inform other parents who will not have a privilege not to know what’s going on in the country.
” Children will be vaccinated with Pharizefer  vaccine in their respective schools and immunisation cards will be issued to them and they will be added to the government database.'”Dr Driwale says.
Emmanuel Mbonye, director of Fountain a Community Based Organization in Mukono  which fights for the rights of children says that the government should first sensitize parents thoroughly because according to the information they got from other developed countries concerning  vaccines which is very controversial.
Mbonye added that the government should know that covid19 virus was not declared as one of the six killer diseases in the country so they should not pist the parents to vaccinate their children and they should not do all the mass vaccination.
He noted that if the government insisted on this campaign they are going to remove their children from schools until the pandemic passes.
Rogers Matovu, a parent, says that it’s a violation of children’s rights if the government insists on this  campaign, because up-to-date they are not well convinced with the vaccine compared  to what it did to some adults who were immunised in the concluded mass vaccination in the country where some of them passed on.
Some pupils we interacted with added their voice on that of the parents that they fear to be vaccinated and apart from sensitizing parents only on this vaccine they should also be sensitized too because they are the one who are going to be immunized not their parents.
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