Mbeya Land Dispute Resolution: Maj. Mark Wanyama, Businessman Twinamasiko Reach Consent Agreement

The controversial senior UPDF officer- Mark Wanyama- has agreed with prominent businessman Jackson Twinamasiko to sign a consent.

This agreement aims to consolidate all the applications arising from the main lawsuit where Twinamasiko accused Wanyama, alongside Joyce Lutaaya, the legal attorney of the landlord, of deceitful dealings.

This follows a plea from Twinamasiko’s legal team led by John Burungu and Steven Turyatunga, earlier this month to expedite proceedings and streamline justice. This development marks a potential resolution to the contentious legal battle.

However, Justice Florence Nakachwa Dollo allowed the two parties sufficient time to create a memorandum concentrating on the main lawsuit.

On Friday, the two parties before the Mukono High Court signed a consent that the main suit No. 215 of 2019 be consolidated with Civil Suit No. 83 of 2023; Mark Wanyama V. Jackson Twinamsiko, Francis Tyaba and Commissioner Land Registration and be set down for hearing.

It was also agreed that the status quo in the contested seven acres of the suit land off land comprised in Kyaggwe Block 494 Plot 9 land at Mbeya be maintained by restricting both parties and their agents or employees from; accessing, using, selling, transferring, digging, constructing, dealing and in any other way interfering with it until the hearing and final determination of the main suit.

The consent allows the parties or their representatives to harvest their seasonal crops, if any on the disputed land but prohibits the planting of new crops or engaging in other activities on the said land.

Among the cases set aside include counterclaims filed by Major Wanyama requesting the court to review and overturn the main suit filed by Twinamasiko.

Justice Nakachwa assigned the case to the Assistant Registrar- David Wangutsi and instructed him to arbitrate and oversee the withdrawal of the applications.

However, the matter was adjourned to June 7, 2024, for mention and hearing of the main suit to ascertain the true owner of the land.

Nonetheless, Justice Nakachwa expressed disappointment at the consistent disregard for the court appearances. In the previous session, she directed George Muhangi, the legal counsel for Major Mark Wanyama and Joyce Lutaaya to produce the person he represents in every session.

Twinamasiko took legal action against Lutaaya for reselling seven acres of land on Mbeya Island in Mukono to Major Wanyama, even though Twinamasiko had previously purchased it from her for Ugx70 million.

The land originally belonged to Francis Tyaba, who lived in the USA but had given Lutaaya power of attorney to handle the transaction.

Various documents presented in court show that Twinamasiko bought the land on November 6, 2019, while Major Wanyama made his purchase on December 19, 2019.