Minister Bahati Goes Village to Village Mobilizing and Monitoring the NRM Yellow Book Update Exercise

Kabale District NRM Chairman and Ndorwa West MP,  Hon David Bahati has decided  to go village to village with in Kabale District while monitoring/supervising the NRM Yellow book update exercise.

This has come after the low turn up of NRM members who visits the designated places which were put up for registering them selves to become true members of the party.

While moving with the ONC Coordinator in charge Kigezi Sub Region Akampa Tanbull, Bahati said that its now the time for him to put aside the ministerial work in order to mobilize party members to go for registration.

“It is our cardinal role as Leaders in Kigezi to go in the field, requesting for our members to register them selves in the yellow books, which will help them become full members of the party and decide for themselves which leaders they want in 2026″ Bahati said.

He has appreciate the work being done by manager ONC SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye in mobilising people especially Bazzukulu to support NRM and President Y.K. Museveni.

Bahati also told people of Kabale that H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa is still in charge and will be on ballot come 2026.

He has equally visited and delivered a message from the President to former NRM Vice Chairman, Greater Kabale District, Mr Loise Bazirakye at his home in Rushaki Ward, Southern Division, Kabale Municipality. Chairman Louise who has been sick for a while.

NRM members country wide are requesting for more time in order to have more people registered in the yellow book including those that see no hope in FDC and have decided to cross to NRM.