Minister Baryomunsi inks deal to boost Uganda’s Digital Cooperation with China

Information and communication minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, has on behalf of Uganda signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the People’s Republic of China to boost digital cooperation between the two countries.

This monumental signing unfolded on October 19th, 2023 in Beijing, the capital of China, which played host to the epoch-making China-Africa Digital Capacity Building Cooperation Forum, igniting a new era of digital capacity building cooperation.

Under the theme of “Strengthening Cooperation in Digital Capacity Building and Jointly Seizing Digital Development Opportunities”, the forum, orchestrated under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), became the crucible of convergence for luminaries from nine African nations, including the distinguished presence of Uganda.

The echoes of this monumental occasion resounded in the fervent addresses delivered by Mr. Jin Zhuanglong, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China, and
Hon. Dr. Baryomunsi himself.

Mr. Jin said that the China-Africa synergy stood as a pivotal pillar in the grand edifice of the Belt and Road Initiative, a China government development vehicle for international cooperation.

This, he said, represents an unprecedented juncture to catalyze the relentless evolution of China-Africa digital capacity building cooperation.

He called for an intimate interlocking of strategies and an impassioned discourse on digital collaboration blueprints.

“We shall fortify policy exchanges, orchestrate the hallowed China Africa digital forum, entwine our respective strengths, forge a fertile business environment, underwrite enterprises in their expansive investment pursuits, and orchestrate a symphony of mutual benefit and triumph,” affirmed Mr. Jin.

On his part,Dr Baryomunsi delineated the bedrock of their collective endeavor, rooted in a liberal policy framework that beckons investments from the hallowed halls of Government and the enterprising private sector.

He extolled the fervent Government investments in digital infrastructure, a resolute drive to weave the tapestry of internet connectivity across the corners of their nation.

On the flip side, the private sector, torchbearers of last-mile connectivity, garnered recognition for their instrumental role.

Dr Baryomunsi added further that, “In Uganda, there remains an expanse of work, a tapestry to further weave, a garden to nurture, and a skyline to elevate in the realm of digital capabilities. We stand poised to glean from our sister nation, the People’s Republic of China, an indomitable global titan in the realm of digital technologies. The tapestry of collaboration with the Chinese Government and corporate entities has already begun, heralding the dawn of an intensified digital transformation agenda.” The Minister laid bare Uganda’s strategic ICT ambition, a clarion call to bolster the country’s prowess in nascent technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data analytics, and the enigmatic realm of robotics.

He said the country has set its sights to firmly train on the astral heights of 5G and 6G technologies, encompassing the arcane intricacies of spectrum management, system paradigms, and architectural zeniths.

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi hailed the forum as a monumental breakthrough, an epoch-defining juncture in amplifying the digital symphony between Africa and the veritable digital titan, the People’s Republic of China.

“We stand on the cusp of not merely endorsing this Memorandum of Understanding, but of wholeheartedly embracing the sacred pact, etching our commitment in the annals of now and the boundless expanse of the future,” intoned the Minister, an unyielding testament to their unwavering resolve.

With a focus on innovation, infrastructure, and interconnectivity, this transformative pact is poised to be a beacon of strategic partnership and mutual prosperity for the two nations in generations to come.