MINISTER Ronald Kibuule Funds Some People Activities in Mukono District to Frustrate Opposition in Coming Elections.

As the saying goes, there is no permanent friends and enemies in politics, this fits well with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party in Mukono. News from a reliable source indicates that the giving hand of Hon. Kibuule has also been extended to the biggest opposition party in Mukono District. 

News reaching us indicate that a secret meeting which was attended by among others, Hon Ronald Kibuule, Moses Lukubira Bakubi Junior, Margret Nakavubu and others was convened at Minister Kibuule’s residence in Nama and certain concessions were made.

It was agreed that Minister Kibuule is going to sponsor a one Nakavubu Margret for Mukono District woman Mp seat and in return, Lukubira stands in Mukono North to divide the opposition vote where the DP/people power Kiwanuka Abdallah is giving Kibuule sleepless nights.

A strategy to take Nakavubu through was also designed and it was agreed that Lukubira finds an FDC candidate to divide opposition votes especially that a one Nabukeera Halima who, the NRM rigged and won by only 300 votes is poised for a landslide win if no intervention is made. It was on this basis that, an innocent Nancy Nassimbwa was persuaded to join the Mukono District woman Mp race. 

Hon Kibuule has so far coughed 30 million in the project. We are however investigating Lukubira’s final take home in this whole project. But a source has told us that he’s was promised a managerial position for one of the factories in Mbarara or a hefty check of yet to be established amount.

Mr Bakubi has been in the game of Political vending for some time. In 2006, he stood as a councilor LCV for Nama subcounty on DP ticket. Then joined FDC and stood on a bielection that brought in Hon Nambooze in 2009. He was then bought out of the race by Dr Kiiza Besigye. In 2016, he again competed with Hon Nambooze and lost miserably.

Another candidate being sponsored by minister Kibuule to weaken strong voices of Mukono Members of parliament is Francis Lukooya Mukoome to contest against Johnson Muyanja Senyonga in Mukono South.

Kibuule decided to sponsor Lukooya after Muyanja refused to listen to Kibuule during constitution amendment when for him decided to vote according to the will of people of his constituency since then Kibuule decided to fight Muyanja by fielding Lukooya.

Another candidate being sponsored to fight strong members of parliament is Mayor Fred George Kagimu who is being sponsored to contest against Betty Nambooze Bakireke in Mukono municipality.

In this program to fight Nambooze using Kagimu is being sponsored by Kibuule and other strong NRM leadership in the district saying that they rather work with Kagimu who will not oppose their programs and NRM has decided to support him and as a party they are going to field a weak candidate who will not manage to out shine Kagimu in coming general elections.

We shall keep you posted about the subsequent meetings on the same issue.

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