Mityana Bishop Kazimba Denies to have Taken a Bribe From President Museveni in Kyankwanzi

Bishop Stephen preached at the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi in Mityana Diocese on Sunday 17th March. After, he attended a fundraising at  *All Saints Church, Madudu* (his home church) in Mukono Diocese.

At the NRM retreat he informed them about the fundraising he was going to and they responded to his call. 
*5M from President and 2.8m from the MPs. The total was 7.8m.*

He later introduced it to the people who were waiting for him at Madudu and they celebrated for the harvest and good representation.

The work is still ongoing. Please feel free to join the campaign financially and wit

Bishop Kazimba started his pastoral ministry from Mukono diocese by the time he became bishop of Mityana he was the provost at St. Philips and Andrews Cathedral found in Mukono municipality.

What was its worth? *5M* 
*What had happened?* 

Many words have been said but we Praise Jesus who is our comforter in all situations.

This was a post of Rev. Isaac Lubega on his face book page explaining what transpired at Kyankwanzi prayers presided over by Bishhop Kazimba.