Mother in search of political activist daughter who has been missing for months

A disgruntled mother is in search for his daughter who has been missing for months now.

Joseline Cherukut 65, a resident of Tongwo in Kapchorwa Municipality says his daughter Chebet Milca Agatha was last seen on 28th,06 2022 after she was released on police bond from Lungujja police station in Kampala.

Ms Cherukut added that since 2021 after elections, Her Daughter Chebet 31, was having unidentified and suspicious people trailing her almost on a daily basis.

“My daughter complained to me that some people were always following her around. At first we did not take it serious until last month when she complained about the same and I advised her to report the case to police which she did not do because she has been mounted with fear for her life.

I even went ahead and advised her to come home (Kapchorwa), and she called me that she was travelling back, Until now she is nowhere to be seen.”Ms Cherukut told this website on Wednesday 9th July, 2022.

Chebet an opposition political activist and business woman, has been imparting technical and vocational skills to young girls in and around Kampala City Divisions.

However, according to her Mother, one time Chebet told her that her life was in danger after a highly placed friend who works with Ugandan security tipped her that she was on the list of wanted people who allegedly recruit youth into subversive activities with an aim of overthrowing the sitting government.

The source told her that the state thinks she used her mobilization skills and the position she has in the National Unity Platform NUP Political party to mobilize  for the party President Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

“Chebet told me that she was being framed of being one of the mobilisers of the 18th-19th November, 2020 riots in the country that left more than 50 people killed by security forces yet she was never part of the protests despite subscribing to Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform party,” Ms Cherukut asserted.

“I don’t understand why my daughter is being trailed because am a born again Pastor in my Area and I subscribe to the NRM Political Party as a person, I cry for HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni please save my daughter, she is then only person in my family who supports Kyagulanyi” she added.

She further cried out to the state that they should set his daughter free if in case they are the ones holding her.

“My daughter should be set free because she is innocent. Belonging to an opposition party does not make her a criminal,” she pleaded.

Chebet’s disappearance comes at a time when the cases of rampant kidnap, torture and detention without trial by security are on a rise in Uganda.

A good number of opposition supporters especially those of NUP are rotting in jail due to their political affiliation.

Last week, NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine vowed that he will never hold a dialogue with President Yoweri Museveni for the sake of setting free all political prisoners.

Kyagulanyi made his declaration last Saturday while at the burial of Godfrey Sserwanga, a father to Williams Ntenge commonly known as Kyuma kya Yesu in Kyotera district where he said Uganda’s constitution provides many avenues through which the state can set free all people who have been put in prison. He added that he cannot dialogue with someone spearheading torture and arrest of those not supporting him.

“In Uganda, rule of law is no longer respected many of our brothers and sisters are in jail but they did nothing, their crime is that they supported us. But we shall never be compromised and seat on the same table and beg Mr Museveni to set free Ugandans he has incarcerated for nothing,”the former presidential candidate said.

He added that when he was incarcerated, no one sat with President Museveni to set him free but it was the pressure from Ugandans and the western countries that made him (Museveni) and his men to set him free. In the same way, he said Ugandans must put pressure on the state so that it releases the political prisoners without any dialogue.