Muhangi Zephline torches through the New formed Patriotic League of Uganda, PLU movement

The MK movement rebranded themselves and adopted a new identity as Patriotic League of Uganda. And this is my take about it.

Mk movement rebranding into PLU means they have finally found their new and true face and purpose which is civic.

The emblem of PLU has Gen MKs picture in a UPDF uniform which simply means PLU is not a political party as some may want to portray it but a league of civic educators.

The background of the launched PLU emblem was purely Yellow and all of us know that yellow colour is for NRM , so maintaining NRM colours simply means, PLU is another pressure group that also works to promote the ideology of NRM and president Museveni, basically Tova Ku Main gained through this launch.

Hon Mawanda gave the aims of PLU and these are; working towards receiving Ugandans in a spirit of good citizenship, national pride, national services, protection of persons, combating corruption and wastage of public services and protection of the environment. All these fit well in the 2021-2026 NRM manifesto, so PLU is out help fight impunity and lack of service delivery that is eating up our country rather than being a political group aimed at taking up power like others that we know say NUP.

Presence of Capt.  Mike Mukula the NRM vice chairman Eastern region. Mike was the guest of honor and launched PLU, there’s no way a senior NRM CEC member would launch another political party, so the argument of a new MK political party isn’t holding may be later.

No political undertones were used rather it was civic and patriotic undertones used, the absence of MK himself waters down the argument of PLU being a new political party, MK movement therefore has not transitioned into a political party but rebranded into a civic organization with the duty to be patriotic and Loyal to Uganda and promote it’s wellbeing.

Mr. Balaam Barugahara one of the vocal person’s about MK Movement while appearing on Sanyuka TV said ” PLU is not a political party, we shall take over power after the president retires ”

Conclusively, therefore the above clearly gives the country a right direction that 2026 the president is on the ballot and all the other groups are working for the betterment of NRM.
Therefore all should join and work towards better service delivery instead fighting and bickering.

Muhangi Zephline