Mukono Chief Magistrate Accuse Lwakataka for Threatening her Life

The Mukono Chief Magistrate H/W Juliet Hatanga has Tuesday, June 18, quit hearing Mr. Ponsiano Lwakataka’s case saying he has been threatening her life.

Mr. Lwakataka, a famous rally driver together with his brother Mr. Deo Kizito and their Lawyer Counsel Samuel Otyetule pissed off H/W Hatanga who has been handling their case.

This was during a court session at Mukono Chief Magistrates Court where Mr. Lwakataka and Mr. Kizito sued their auntie Ms. Goretti Nanonzi, cousin Mr. Kato Richard Kiggundu and Mr. Goerge William Kawooya who bought part of that land they claim is theirs found in Goma division in Mukono Municipality.

During the session, Lwakataka’s Lawyer Counsel Samuel Otyetule raised his plea asking for a change of a magistrate because H/W Juliet Hatanga was compromised.

This is because they believe H/W Juliet Hatanga is related to Mr. Kawooya who bought part of the land being struggled for, She is using the media to tarnish Mr. Lwakataka’s name, 

This annoyed the magistrate which led her to recapping incidents in her life where Mr. Lwakataka attacked her.

She said that Mr. Lwakataka attacked her in a supermarket while she was shopping during her free time out of working hours.

“This is too much, to the extent of threatening my life outside working hours.”  H/W Hatanga said.

She said that she is a Muteso and she can never be related to Mr. Kawooya who is a Muganda.

This led her into asking them to find a new magistrate who will listen to their case.

“With that said, you should get yourselves a new magistrate to hear your case.” She added.

It is not the first time Lwakataka is accusing people in his court cases. He also accused his own lawyers like Sselwanga his first lawyer on the case but now he is using Samuel Otyetule.

Mr. Richard Kiggundu says “The magistrate chased us and said she won’t be handling our case. She told us to get another magistrate to hear our case.”

He however expressed his joy saying the magistrate quitting the case has not discouraged them but rather encouraged them.

“This only gives us courage because if you sue someone and at the same time you accuse the magistrate to be taking sides, shows you have a weak case and makes us to stay on a safe side.” He said.

The 2 acers he (Lwakataka) is struggling for belonged to his late uncle Mr. Antonio Kiggundu. After his death his wife Ms. Goretti Nanonzi and his children decided to sell part of the land 1 acer to Mr. Kawooya.