Mukono District Chairman Andrew Ssenyonga Survived being Lynched over Food

Mukono District LC V Chairperson Andrew Ssenyonga survived being lynched by residents of Ggulu A village found in Mukono Municipality for segregating them in ongoing distribution of relief food and he decided to give it to prostitutes.

When the chairman brought food for distribution in this zone, he only distributed it to commercial sex workers in lodges which forced residents to attack him and insulting him that he serves them because he might be their daily client

Residents were seen lying infront of his vehicle in the road trying to block him from not leaving the premises before giving them also food.

Ssenyonga faced angry residents as he had driven back the LC 1 chairman of this zone Wasswa Muhammedi Takwana from Mukono police where he was arrested early morning when he carried out protest at the district head quarter where he wanted the District Task force to inform him why his zone is missing out on relief food yet they had informed the residents with a mega-phone that they were going to be given food.

When Ssenyonga stepped on this village resident faced him and at first he thought they were joking but nearly pulled him out of his car only to lock it after realizing they were serious but after a while he decided to come of his car trying to address them but nobody could listen.

The residents say that this is an act of segregation to give some people food moreover prostitutes and leave out others and even they are not residents of Mukono.

They informed him president directives closed all lodges in the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19 arguing that even these prostitutes could have left their village immediately.

Some of residents that we managed to talk to who included Rose Mwenyango, Jane Namalombo and Rehema Namugga say that they are currently going through tough time since most of them were street food vendors and their husbands were tax drivers and boda boda riders and they are currently not working leaving them with no option of earning to support their families.

The LC 1 chairperson Muhamedi Wasswa say that the challenge started when food which was allocated to Ggulu was diverted to another zone (Ssaza) a nearby zone yet as area leaders had already alerted residents that food distribution is in their zone which portrayed him as a lair which forced him to storm district headquarters to know the real truth but instead he was arrest and charged of disobeying lawful orders

On giving commercial sexual workers food the LC 1 chairperson say that he was ok with it since some of them are on medication so they need to be fed

The Red Cross volunteers and LDU were seen coming out of the said lodges and they helped the LC 5 chairperson to leave this area without being hurt.

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