Mukono district runs out of COVID-19 Vaccine

By Eric Yiga

Mukono district health team are in dilemma over absence of covid19 vaccine now almost a month.

According to district Health Officer Dr Stephen Mulindwa says Mukono has the vaccine which got finished around 30 May 2022,but they are hoping to get an additional vaccine so that people can utilize them before being taken to other districts because if you delay to utilize them other districts people will take them.

” Currently in the district we don’t have the vaccines and we’re going to get it in a big number.” Dr Mulindwa says

DHO, added that the most important critical thing,Mukono has started registering some cases of Covid19 compared to the stable trend which they had in a district in January up-to May this year where they registered zero cases, but now they are experiencing some cases in the district.

This comes when over 90146 people around Mukono district missed their second Jab and almost 2200 people with disabilities also missed their second jab too.

Dr Mulindwa noted that as the district is still waiting for the vaccines to come and start the campaign called Vaccination for covid19 catch up, it’s very prudent to inform the masses so they can resume with observing the Standard Operating Procedures.

” Because the cases had reduced, people had blocked the issue of observing the Standard operating procedures, so currently we need to encourage people to really observe it and also to encourage them to get vaccinated when the vaccines come.” Dr Mulidwa.

Emmanuel Ainebyonna, Ministry of health spokesperson urged Mukono district to ask the amount of vaccines they want through the office of the director General so that they can see their demand because currently the ministry they’re in the preparations of mass vaccination all over the country.

He added that currently they’re in the process of verifying places of high demand so that they can be given enough vaccines in the coming program and they will be supplied with all the vaccines, mostly Pharzifer .

” Currently we are planning for the third phase of accelerating mass vaccination and we are in the process of planning and positing vaccines so that they will be able to get them so that they will be able to get vaccines.” Ainebyoona

Ainebyonna noted that they are aware that they’re about 3 million vaccines in some health facility,but they shall be adding on based on the demand.

Currently Mukono has registered 10 positive cases of covid19 which has brought a great panic to the leaders and community at-large.