Mukono Mayor George Fred Kagimu asked Residents to Fight Illegal Land Eviction

While addressing residents of Lweza village found in Mukono municipality who are being threatened to be evicted at any time, he advised them that they should be ready to defend themselves if they attempt to be evicted without proper court order.

Kagimu advised them that court is not only the best solution of solving land eviction but through resisting such illegal eviction can also be a solution for bibanja holders.

However he asked them to listen to any landlord who approaches them in peaceful way either by giving them chance to buy themselves and get land titles.

Kagimu made these remarks in a village meeting in which residents informed them of a rich man using Hypercom company to evict them by demolishing over 20 houses which were constructed on this piece of land.

According Godfrey Kagwe explained that Hypercom Company started by cutting down his pine trees down but during the process residents managed to mobilize themselves and over powered them.

The lawyer who represented Hypercom Company in this meeting Isaac Natala advised residents not to use violent means in solving the problem they are facing.

He asked them to go to court to seek solution for this issue that they facing rather than resorting to use of violent means.

Residents informed lawyer of Hypercom Natala that they are ready to buy themselves off arguing that they will not accept any eviction.