Mukono Police Blocks Pastors from Praying at Betty Nambooze Bakireke Home

Mukono Police blocked pastors from carrying out prayers at the residency of Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke which was organized from Pastor Richard Kalyango.

We had organized prayers luncheon of Pentecostal Pastors from Mukono Central Division but unfortunately police deployed and prevented pastors from accessing the venue.

Police decided to surround the entire fence of Nambooze residency and parked a patrol vehicle in the middle of the road sloping to her resident and they could not allow anyone to have access to the venue.

However this did not deter the few who had entered the venue to carry on with the prayers and pastor Kalyango asked the believers to thank God who has protected them throughout this trying moments.


Nambooze while addressing the gathering asked them not to get annoyed of police officers who have been deployed to disrupt their prayers but they should pray for them so that Almighty God change their evil hearts of torturing innocent Ugandans.

She said that bad thing is the police officers no longer on mission of fighting COVID-19 but instead they are participating in partisan politics.


Nambooze explains that instead of encouraging people to put on masks and wash their hands they instead disperse them even educating the locals how they should fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is what Nambooze posted on her Social media platform:

The Junta militias came and in their new style against me; my home was besieged for several hours until the attackers ensured that they had successfully caused a flop of the function.

Besieging of premises and failing my activities as I remain held, seems to be the new approach onto Nambooze. I was told that the State operatives recently came to a conclusion that they will not be able to tame me through threats of imprisonment instead it will attract sympathy for me.

I was also told that the regime agent’s assesment of the best way to kill Nambooze off politically was to limit my interaction with the public, claiming that my words influences people “negatively”

So yesterday the deployed heavily Ak-47 weilding men and chased away one by one of the Pastors I had invited making sure that I don’t get space to talk to them. Now, I have to go for plan B.

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