Museveni forgets Entertainment Industry, Bars and Lodges, Puts Strict guidelines Boda-Bodas and Arcades

During the presidential address on COVID-19 lockdown president Yoweri Museveni mentioned all the affected industry including Churches, Mosques and private schools but he did not mention anything about the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry employs many Ugandans who include musicians and their managers, bar attendants, music producers, bouncers among others and they are still also under lockdown.

“Anything we do we are to involve scientists. They have now studied the situation and come with conclusions but did not include the entertainment industry. On advice of scientists we have decided we can open some of the arcades provided they follow guidelines,”Museveni said while addressing the nation about the Coronavirus situation at State Lodge , Nakasero on Tuesday evening.


The president said that in all arcades, social distancing should be observed, hand-washing, no trading in corridors, no trading on verandahs, steps and the roadside.

“The sellers must keep record of everybody who buys in the book.We need the record in case you get sick( shop seller) we know the people you interacted with to follow them. Everybody including the seller and buyers must put on masks. There should be enough toilets.”

The president said there are 230 arcades in Kampala and that 171 of these had been inspected by the task force put in place by government.

“Only 110 were found compliant and these are the ones to be allowed to open. The others must first fulfill the requirements.”

Boda bodas
Boda bodas and tuk tuks have for the past four or so months not been carrying passengers but relegated to carrying only luggage.

In June, the president said because the rider and passenger are close to each other, allowing carrying of passengers would risk lives of people.

“We can’t risk the lives of our people for the sake of business. Before the virus came, they were burden enough. Now with this virus, we can’t continue with the menace. They least they can do is keeping quiet for now and wait for the disease (Covid-19) to be over,” he said last month.

On Monday, Museveni allowed them to resume passenger services provided they adhere to strict guidelines put in place by government to combat the spread of the virus.

“I was worried about boda bodas because I was not sure we could find a solution. Our scientists have come up with a solution. The rider is already putting on a mask and put on a helmet covering the face and enclosing the mask inside,” Museveni said.

“The passenger must have a mask and the rider must record everybody they transport so that in case he gets sick, we know how many people he was in contact with to trace them.”

The president also allowed salons to reopen but the operators and clients must all put on protective gear.

Museveni however said that whereas the reopening of salons and arcades starts with immediate effect, boda boda riders will have to wait until July 27,2020.

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