Nambooze handed Over Food Relief to Mukono RDC Fred Bamwine

THE Mukono Municipality legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has today April 4, 2020 delivered her food relief to the RDC’s office in the process of respond to the community outcry which is due to the closure of many businesses as a result of the Presidential directive in a bid to see that covid19 disease which is caused by the corona virus.

Nambooze who delivered her food to Mr. Fred Bamwine the RDC of Mukono and cited fear to be charged with attempted murder as directed by the President. “I would be in position to deliver this food direct to beneficiary cause I know where to find them but I don’t want to give a chance to Museveni’s government to charge me again” sited Nambooze.

She however cautioned the RDC to use her food relief appropriately by serving it to Mukono mmunicipality needy people. “I will have to bring more if you serve it appropriately” Nambooze added.

Nambooze also used this opportunity and requested the RDC to allow the street vendor of “chapatti” stalls to resume work citing that in this situation majority of the area youth can very well survive on this kikomando for one thousand shillings.

We can regulate them and also be given standard operation procedures to follow in line with their important job in this pandemic. The RDC stopped all street food vendors in Mukono municipality including the chapattis vendors.

Nambooze also argued the National Water to supply free water station to various areas in Mukono to help in the wash hands campaign. She cited that in this the government will be giving back to its tax payers.

The RDC Mr. Bmwine was very grateful to Hon. Nambooze for thinking about the people and accepting to deliver the food relief to his office. I promise to be very appropriate when serving this food Mr. Bamwine added.

On the issue of chapatti vendors, Mr. Bamwine said that the ministry was keen on this directive citing that it may cause the wide spread of the disease. “The vendor himself might be a victim already which may cause a spread to all his customers.

Story By: Hassan Bulesa