Nantaba’s ‘killer’ was visiting his school children in Kabimbiri: Residents

Following the shocking news about the attempted assassination of Uganda’s ICT state minister, the Scribe News team is still reconstructing the story to find out the real truth about the matter.

Our news team has been in Kayunga, a place where Nantaba is the woman member of Parliament to collect people’s views on the matter.

We have found mixed views as many people still believe that the minister was trying a foul play to regain her deteriorating political fame.

Official accounts given by police and the Minister are yet to be believed as a lot of issues still don’t add up.

The Scribe News has established that during the commissioning of the Isimba Hydro Power dam in Kayunga where President Yoweri Museveni was the chief guest, the Minister was booed by her constituents an act which residents in Kayunga say could have ashamed  Nantaba before the president.

The incident in Busaana during the Isimba commissioning followed the Kyankwanzi issue where  Nantaba is believed to have fallen out with her fellow NRM leaning members of parliament. NRM is the ruling party in Uganda.

Nantaba has been having issues with Kalangwa Moses, the NRM chief in the district who is also said to have been once Nantaba’s lover. The incident happens at the time when Kalangwa is regaining his political power as the king maker in the district which is said to have been tarnished by Nantaba during the Kayunga land wrangles.

One of the resident who preferred anonymity said Nantaba has a reputation of causing scenes in order to attract sympathy from her voters and he believes this could be one of such scenes.

Information we have is that Sebulime Ronald the rider who was killed by police yesterday was a parent who was coming from St. Andrews Kaggwa secondary School in Kabimbiri to visit his children. He is said to be a resident of Njeru. If this is true then by taking Nagojje route Sebulime would have wanted to take a shortcut through Nagojje to Lugazi.

We visited St. Andrews Kaggwa SS in Kabimbiri however the headtacher who looked to be in fear denied our reporter access to the guestbook to help in the verification of wheather Sebulime had attended the visitation of his children on the fateful day.

This story is still developing.