Ndeeba SS former students in a poverty fight campaign: They form a cooperative union

Former students of Ndeeba senior secondary school in Kayunga district have formed an association as a measure to promote development among themselves.

This was decided in a meeting held at Greenfield Gardens in Kanyanya, a Kampala suburb on Saturday 6th. The students form part of the class that sat for Uganda certificate of Education in the year 1999 at Ndeeba.

Students enjoying the sessions

According to the association chairperson Mr Nkonge Amos, the objective is to uplift standards of living among the members.

We have since gained a number of skills which can be used to jointly uplift our standards of living. This will also help us to give a success story to our school instead of contributing to build a memorial laboratory or a dormitory when most of our alumni are still suffering to get what to eat due to poverty caused by lack of jobs

Mr. Nkonge noted during a meeting in Kanyanya

A new executive committee was elected to spearhead the association in the next two years. The elected members include; Mr. Amos Nkonge, Capt. Moses Nangosha, Mr. John Balaba, Mr. Stephen Okhutu, Ms. Sanyu Naava, Ms. Barbra Nalumansi, Sekyoya Ben, Namyalo Cate, Nakiwu Slyvia, Nakawooya Mariam Mr. Kabenge Edward and the South African based recording artist Mr. Lutaaya Edwin.

The students agreed to form a SAACO through which they will be contributing money for their joint business.

Some of Ndeeba SS former students posing for photo. (PHOTO: Kigongo)

“We want to tap into the available resources including money and skills in developing our members. We have amongst us business people, lawyers, engineers, teachers among others and we can use this to form a joint business without spending too much” Ms. Naava, the association Treasurer said. She added that this is going to help them create jobs and create a source financial capital to the members.

Students cutting a cake during the grand reunion party held at Greenfield Gardens (PHOTO: Kigongo)

The students thereafter held a party to celebrate the gift of life meeting after 20 when they are all living since they left Ndeeba in 1999.