New agricultural markets in Qatar are a major opportunity to help Uganda diversify her exports, accelerate growth, and attract foreign direct investment. This, coupled with the establishment of an Embassy and Diaspora desks in almost all ministries, department & agencies.

Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi gave the remarks while addressing a group of potential investors, and Ugandans living & working in Qatar, who converged at the Uganda Embassy in Doha.

Walusimbi encouraged them to remain positive and continue focusing on work, assuring that government will resolve the isolated cases.

Deputy Head of Embassy, Ambassador Muhammed Baswari Kezaala, commended Ugandans in Qatar, for being well-organized, united, and urged them to continue utilizing services at the Embassy.

Chairperson Sheema NRM Entrepreneurs’ League, Mr. Biziira Boaz Webare, called upon potential investors and business people to take advantage of Uganda’s profitability, by establishing and locating production ventures in Uganda.

In their remarks, Ugandans in Qatar appreciated the President for establishing the Embassy and Diaspora desks, which have brought better services closer to them.

Even with the pending signing of the Bilateral Labour Agreement between Uganda & Qatar, in a couple of months, Ugandans in Qatar have already benefited, with a performing arts group called ‘Twegatte Dance Troupe’, led by, Head of Cultural Affairs & NRM Chapter, Mr. Benson Akampurira, ranked among the best performers at the recent FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar.

Notably, the great effort of Chairperson of UGACOQ, Mr. Aliguma Saul Rayan, have been instrumental in mobilizing and uniting members.

Getting on, a delegation of potential investors is next month expected in Uganda, to exploit the vast investment opportunities.

The meeting was also attended by the Head of Consular Services, Mr. Samuel Wandera, Financial Attaché, Hajjat Janet Kirya Gimbo, Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muhand Omer, Head of Legal Service, Mr. Reagan Ahabwe, among others.