Norbert Mao’s Fielding George Fred Kagimu to Unseat Betty Nambooze Bakireke Split DP Members in Mukono

Democratic Party president general Norbert Mao has decided to field the current Mayor of Mukono municipality George Fred Kagimu on party ticket to unseat Betty Nambooze Bakireke who has opposed his leadership.

This campaign of throwing Nambooze out of parliament started last week when Mao directed DP members to carryout party structure elections in which they voted Kagimu as district party chairperson and he replaced Nambooze.

In order to achieve this goal of wiping out opposing his leadership they managed to lockout a team Nambooze in party structure elections which were carried out at Festino City a place owned by Kagimu who was also a candidate in this race.


Currently Kagimu moves in Mukono municipality constituency bragging that Mao has fronted him to contest on DP party ticket even before organizing party primaries to select party flag bearers to contest in coming general elections of 2020.

In Photo: Kagimu, Bakaluba, Mao and Ssimbwa

On several occasions Kagimu has been saying that he got the idea of contesting for Mukono municipality Member of Parliament from political leaders and elders who are residents of Mukono and not from Mao as some people allege.

Kagimu argue that majority of voters see him being worthy to be a member of parliament because he has tried to unite DP members who had got some misunderstandings from 2016 general elections.

Mao’s in Mukono district especially in Mukono municipality NRM is seeing it as an opportunity to throw out DP out of this district which it has occupied for the last ten years.

Currently a big section of councilors from Mukono municipality have decided to remain with Nambooze who may stand as an independent in coming general elections while others have remained with leadership of Kagimu and some have decided to be royal to new DP leadership with an aim of only getting party flag.

As management of this publication we wish success to everyone who has decided to contest in any poltical position. We wish you the best.

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