When People Power Movement which later turned to be NUP political party came out as a pressure group in 2018, it attracted attention of many youthful human rights defenders and activists in Uganda and those abroad.
Kalyowa Jonathan Joseph also known as KAGGY in the diaspora is one of those who joined it to pursue the agenda of human rights in Uganda.
He (Kalyowa Jonathan Joseph) has been very active and made people aware of the brutal and offen deadly attacks against LGBT community people in Uganda.
According to Mr. Kaggy the big question is how is possible that in our century the political and  religious leaders are still  encouraging those attacks which quite often are performed by state officials?
Mr. Kaggy’s blog where he actively made awareness of the discrimination of the LGBT people in Uganda, is now remain closed  by fear of reprisal.
Kalyowa, who before ran out of the country for EU countries was residing in Mukono is wanted by police on treason related cases and others which including supporting and promoting LGBTQ activities in Uganda.
He supports the LGBT with their rights promotion and advocacy on their stigmatization in Uganda which the government of Uganda of recent made tough laws against them.
Since general elections in 2021, a number of NUP political activists where arrested and upto now are still in prison without being produced to court.
NUP is claiming a number of their members are nowhere to be found and it’s suspected that they might have been killed in the torture chambers since those who happen to come out always have torture marks on their bodies.
This website reliably learned that Kalyowa is arrested in one of the EU countries and when contacted police, they confirmed he may join a number of other on landing here.
Despite numerous court orders to present all the arrested persons on political related cases, police has given a deaf ear to all their attorneys and upto now a number of them including members of parliament are still in custody for such cases.
The question now is, would it be wise for any political activists abroad on wanted list to come back?
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