ONC Manager Donates Ugx10m To UMWADD Sacco, Offers Umrah To Winner Of Quran Recitation Competitions

Office of the National Chairman manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo has donated Ugx10m to Uganda Muslim Women Association for Dawa and Development (UMWADD) Sacco.

Namyalo made the donation during the Association’s Annual Women Seminar and Quran recitation competitions held at Kiyindi mosque in Nankulabye where she also offered Umrah to the winner of these competitions, Hahwa Muhammad from Kiboga.

Hajjat Janat Asia the Association’s patron requested Hajjat Namyalo to source for them soap-making equipments to boost their earnings.

“Our Association has been in existence for decades but our members have no jobs, we decided to start up a making business but we face a challenge of lack of modern equipment,” noted Janat before adding, “It’s my humble prayer that you source for us some support as you have always done for several bazzukulu groups across the country”

To the above, Namyalo revealed that the office of the ONC has in store a lot of equipment and tools, promising that she will get for them all they need.

Namyalo however urged the Association to register their sacco and make everything formal so that she can trace for them funders, saying this will also enable all members to benefit from various government empowerment programs.

“My promise to you is that I will get for you funders to run that Saaco. Our dear president is ready to support you and every other person who is organized,” noted Namyalo.

Shortly after her speech, Namyalo led Association members out of the mosque and surprised them with empowerment tools worth millions.

Among the equipment donated to UMWADD members included spraying machines, popcorn machines, seeds, gum boots, sewing machines, gnut crushing machines, chips making machines, salon machines, to mention but a few.

While handing over these donations, she urged them to use them genuinely so that they can uplift their families from poverty.

“We have given you these donations, please make sure you don’t misuse them. Go use them to generate income for your families. Museveni wants a poverty-free country and that’s why he sent to you all these equipments,” she said.