ONC contributes to poverty alleviation in Busoga sub-region

On the 17th – Dec -2022, the manager of the Office of the National Chairperson NRM, SPA Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye while launching the Tova Ku Main gospel in Busoga region, promised to contribute towards fighting poverty in the region through agriculture mechanization.

Unlike the majority of politicians in Uganda known for making empty promises, our follow-up on the ONC’s current manager’s methods of work is informing an ethical character in her as a leader.

Yesterday, Balitwagomba group comprising 100 members in Nawanyingi Nawankonge village in Nawanyingi sub-county, Kigulu South Iganga constituency in Iganga district were filled with joy after being aided to plough 3 acres of their land by a modern tractor and furnished with soya bean seedlings plus a Ugx 100,000/- package all fully funded by the ONC office in fulfillment of the pledge to contribute towards fighting poverty through planned agricultural projects.

This follows similar works for youth in Kidera sub-county in Buyende district who had 10 acres of their land ploughed and given soya bean seedlings.

The ONC coordinator Mr. Segero Ali informed our reporter “I have strict instructions from Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye to reach out to all groups that call for tractor support. We add support of seedlings of their choice as long as it’s marketable as per the priority crops guided by the President”

The excited men and women in the Balitwagomba group thanked the President for appointing the current manager and promised to take good care of the project for better harvests.

On reaching out to the D/PRO Dr. Brenda Jesca T, she informed us that “The President’s concern is to have all Ugandans inclusive in the money economy and agriculture is a ripe sector to achieve this goal given the comparative advantage we have as a country” she added “ONC is after ensuring the realization of the 5 promises of the President to Ugandans in the NRM manifesto 2021-26 and his rich guidance regarding agriculture can transform the people of Busoga region into better societies”

According to UBOS’s recent statistics, Busoga region is among the poorest and suggests effective interventions to scale up a balanced improvement in the peoples’ Standards of living with other regions.