ONC Manager  Empowers Kayunga Youths, Pledges Support for Community Development

Office of the NRM National Chairman(ONC) Manager, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo  has delivered an empowerment package worth millions to the people Of Kayunga District as they celebrated belated International youths day.

The celebrations which attracted thousands of people across Kayunga District were held at Nakyessa Play grounds in Kayonza Sub-County.

While Interacting with the fully charged masses, Hajjat Namyalo on behalf of the President spent hours listening to the challenges of the local people and some of the challenges put forward include; the poor the road network in the area.

Residents also expressed the problem of access to clean water, lack of  health facilities/Medicare, mismanagement of Emyooga and PDM funds which the locals openly reported to Namyalo that the funds have not reached the intended beneficiaries among other issues.

Namyalo promised to follow up through her office which she said that its has Regional Coordinators who are   mandated to do so and present a report to her for further guidance.

The ONC Boss has become the center of debates across the country for championing wealth and job creation for all Ugandans, was commended for being open minded and dedicating her efforts to serving the people than her own personal interests.

During her visit, she not only delivered a stirring speech encouraging the youth to engage in economic programs but also backed her words with action. She generously donated a range of essential items aimed at bolstering income-generating activities within the community. The donations included sewing machines, haircutting tools, hair dryers, popcorn-making machines, and bricklaying equipment, among other valuable resources.

In addition to the tangible support, Namyalo also pledged to champion the community’s cause by directly engaging President Museveni. Foremost among the issues she vowed to present to the President is the pressing matter of the district’s roads, reflecting her commitment to addressing the residents’ immediate concerns.

The event saw an outpouring of gratitude from the residents of Kayunga District, who expressed their appreciation for ONC Boss dedicated efforts in empowering the youth and advancing their community’s welfare.

The impactful gesture is expected to resonate within the district, fostering a spirit of empowerment and unity among the youth while signaling a promising step forward in the pursuit of community prosperity.