ONC Manager Launches Multimillion Projects In Nakawa Division, Vows To Deal With Land Grabbers Giving Residents Sleepless Nights

The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) head, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo  launched a multi-million project including a secondary school and hospital facilities in Banda B-Nakawa Division in Kampala District.

The investment is funded by Ms Businge Rose who is the Director of Meeting Point International, Luigy Giussani High and Primary Schools.

The schools host over 2000 pupils and students pay only Ugx 60,000 as school fees inclusive of scholastic materials.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Ms Businge revealed that she decided to fund the projects to change the lives of locals who were living in poor conditions.

“I came to this place many years ago when it was devastated by cholera and other diseases. No one desired to live under such conditions, so I decided to contribute towards the betterment of the people’s livelihood, thus these projects.” Ms Businge said.

The area is settling a wide population with the majority being northerners after whom it was named Acholi Quarters.

Village Chairpersons of Banda B, Kinawataka, Kiganda and Kasokoso decried to Hajjat Namyalo about the eviction being effected by Uganda Police accusing the Force of demolishing all their properties.

“Despite having stayed on the land for over 25 years, Uganda Police claimed to own the land and decided to use all the necessary force to chase off all the Bibanja owners,” one residents cried to Namyalo.

From our sources, it has been established that all attempts to address the concern have failed on several occasions after top Uganda Police officials took a twist by defying all the agreed resolutions, among which was to survey the land and determine the police boundaries.

Over 4000 residents facing sleepless nights over fear of eviction collectively appealed to the President of Uganda HE Gen Museveni to save them from the tycoons who are said to be hiding behind police to take over their property.

In her address, the ONC Manager expressed a lot of disgrace about how Uganda Police is handling this matter which is involving the lives of more than 4000 women, children and the elderly.

”I’am not happy to launch a project worth millions of funds which Uganda Police intends to demolish the following day,” sadly said Namyalo.

She added that it is wrong to create internal refugees in the country unless the Uganda Police finds land to relocate the victims as guided by the laws of Uganda.

Namyalo also wondered what the area leaders, the majority occupying higher positions of governance belonging to the National Unity Platform (NUP) are doing to protect the peasants from the mafias. She advised them to re-think clearly while voting for their leaders to avoid being abandoned in such circumstances.

She rallied the community to collectively stand and come up with a petition that will be addressed to several stakeholders in authority-inclusive parliament.

She however assured them, to bring their concern to her boss, HE Museveni.

Meanwhile, Namyalo carried along foodstuff worth millions, which was distributed to the needy to contribute towards better livelihoods.

Ms Rose Busingye thanked her for standing in with the common people and assured her to continue supporting the Acholi community in partnership with the government to better their livelihoods.