ONC- PDM, Emyooga and electricity, infrastructure dominate President Museveni’s two-day tour in the West Nile sub-region.

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni yesterday concluded his tour in the West Nile sub-region.

He  intensified the Parish Development Model “All people above 18 years and want to join wealth creation should join the parish SACCO. For us, we shall bring Ugx 100m each year to your SACCO and we need 100 families to benefit. The point is that in 4 years, you parish people will have your bank of Ugx 400 million shillings. ”

The NRM manifesto strategies are to foster the social economic transformation of all Ugandans using the PDM where each parish in Uganda is to receive Ugx 100 million per financial year as a revolving fund to support youth, women, and all kinds of Ugandans to fund their projects. The President advised the people of West Nile to make use of the UDB where they can access loans at a manageable interest than that of the commercial banks.

He warned the people of West Nile about corruption and said to not waste time crushing them “Those who are corrupt are playing fire and we will crush them” emphasized the President.

The minister of Karamoja Affairs Mary Kitutu was appearing before the anti-corruption court for a bail application and was turned down extending her stay at Luzira prison with strong allegations that more victims are to join her as per the President’s directive.

The President wondered why with so many authorities in the district setting; RDC, DISO, Uganda Police, LC III, etc. are onlookers as the corrupt are putting their habits to increase!

He rallied the people of West Nile to take advantage of Emyooga and the PDM among other programs for wealth creation to improve their well-being at the household through engaging in income-generating activities.

Rotating his speech on the theme “securing your future through wealth creation and shared prosperity” he again promised the people of West Nile that darkness is to end soonest with the completion of the power substations at Muni, Nyagak I, and II in Nebbi and Zombo districts and should be utilized for value addition on addition to other economic infrastructure such as roads, railway, piped, internet, water, etc. to facilitate wealth creation.

ONC Boss while addressing the people of West Nile

The market is strongly outlined as an independent factor of production in the production equation in Musevenomics and the President is said to have got intelligence about some crooks had allocated market space to themselves eliminating the vendors who were the target beneficiaries.

Speaking to the ONC manager SPA Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye who was the MC for both engagements said “The main challenge of NRM has been on the implementation stage. All the plans are well drawn as per the NRM manifesto 2021-26 and funds are availed but the corrupt people are a bottleneck to have the implementation goals achieved. I thank HE the President that he allowed the Bazzukulu to monitor the execution of the implementation part and all shortfalls are to be brought to his attention.”

Different ministries, departments, and agencies represented by their ministers and executive directors, have presented their milestones and plans towards achieving the NRM manifesto 2021-2026.

The turn-up was overwhelming and had the President making stopovers along the way to the Arua Golf Course, to cheer up the Bazzukulu who donned the “Jajja Omalako Tova Ku Main Sigala Ku Ballot” t-shirts.