ONC- Preparations for the 79th birthday celebrations of HE Yoweri Museveni are in high gear

On the 15 of September 2023, President Yoweri Museveni will be turning 79 years of age being born in 1944. Usually, the First Family members celebrated his birthday away from the Public for nearly 39 years he has been at the helm of Uganda’s leadership as the Head of State.

Nearly two (2) months ago, rumors about a public celebration for Gen Museveni’s birthday emerged from the State House regarding a section of his mobilizers and supporters planning to throw a mega party for him around town. Shortly it turned true after his Personal Aide also a Senior Advisor to him on Political Affairs Hadijah Namyalo dispatched a team of coordinators of the Office of the National Chairman NRM – Kyambogo that she heads as a manager reporting directly to Gen Museveni as the National Chairman, to spread information about the Birthday intentions to their communities.

The birthday preparations have gained momentum after several Leaders who are friends of President Museveni confirmed attendance. It is also said that more guests from across the EAC, Europe, USA, and Asia are to attend adding to the long list of popular local artists who have already stamped for performance at the birthday event scheduled for next month September 8, 2023, at Kololo Independence Grounds starting 9 am.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Office of the National Chairman Kyambogo, Dr. Brenda Tibamwenda, while appearing on CBS fm recently, said: “Everything about the Birthday preparations has been set and we are expecting a big turn up of the Bazzukulu in Uganda and across Africa.” This is to be the first-ever Birthday publicly celebrated for President Museveni and several stakeholders are ensuring the success of this big vibe of the year.

Brenda added that “HE the President is after securing the market and asking Ugandans to focus on production with value addition”. She explained that the NRM National Chairman believes that the unemployment of the Bazzukulu can be dealt with through planned entrepreneurship that emphasizes the culture of quality to be able to fetch high returns from the ready market in East Africa, Africa, USA, Europe, and Asia.

On the list of the programs for that day, different government ministries, departments, and agencies are to share their programs with the participants intensifying how they can tap into them for cheap financial access and other benefits.

The celebrations are to run under the theme “Developing the culture of entrepreneurship in youth, women, and the country at large”. Groups of youth and women in Small and Medium Enterprises have been offered an opportunity to showcase their products and the President wishes to visit each of the stalls for the various items exhibited.

The President is expected to have a long time of interaction with the Bazzukulu, responding to different questions of their interest lining to his leadership journey and ideologies for a secure and economically sounding Uganda, East Africa, and Africa.

Ms. Batoo (not true name) a key government official said, “I cannot believe that His Excellency has accepted to have such a long-desired event to share his rich experience with the young people. It is an opportunity they should thank God for”.

Also, on the program, friends of the President are to share about his life and explain why they own him as a resourceful person. Ms Toya Kanya via her Twitter handle @ToyaKandy while responding to Kintu Moses on Twitter handle @FirstAfrican_ re-posted “Oh wow our Muzee’s Birthday it will be such an honour if we could attend virtually, please…”. President Museveni is among the key celebrated leaders in Africa for his practical Pan-Africanism spirit.

The birthday celebrations in addition to developing the culture of entrepreneurship in youth, women, and Ugandans at large, also commemorate the Katonga freedom fighters who dearly sacrificed their precious lives to liberate Uganda from tyranny leadership tracing back from the administration of Idi Amin Dada.

The Bazzukulu Ba Museveni as they refer to themselves, are to enjoy a big-screen projector broadcast of the latest movie THOSE FROM AMONG YOU directed by Ms. Natasha Karugire daughter of President Yoweri Museveni, the night before the main event.