ONC team, D/RCC visits Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, the cancer unit is pending construction

ONC Greater Mbarara team led by Mr. Muhangi Zephline in company of D/RCC Mbarara City North, Mr. Kanusu Robert visited Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) on Wednesday, in lieu to monitoring and supervision of government services’ mandate.

The team met with Dr. Francis O, a Specialist in Child Health who stood in for the Hospital Director Dr. Celestine Barigye.

After a brief meeting, he took the team through the hospital and discovered that the required machines are available including the two Scans which have not been commissioned ie. MRI and CT scans that have just been procured at a tune of USD 1M and USD 300k respectively by the government of Uganda.

The hospital covers over 43 districts in the region with only 354 staff in all units.

The team found a challenge of understaffed, however were guided by Dr. Francis that they have already put a request of at least 700 staff in ministry pending approval.

The hospital has an active pharmacy though lacking some special drugs which forces patients to buy from outside pharmacies as prescribed by doctors.

The cancer unit is pending construction, though site space was identified and reserved.

A boundary wall is being constructed to do away the issue of Insecurity in the hospital, since they had started receiving reports of theft of hospital beds.

The management thanked the office of the National Chairman [ONC] and the RCC’s office for checking on them and implored the team to always visit and monitor progress of the hospital operations.

However further urged to add their voice in following up their urgent requests as the office.