Owning Maple Leaf Hotel in Masaka City; A dream come true for business man Ssempijja

The early beginnings of Jamil Ssempijja as the proprietor of Maple Leaf Hotel is the one that is full-filling.
At Masaka City, Kampala Highway, Ssempijja erected a multi- business hotel.
A good way of starting Ssempijja’s hotel business story could be beffiting to rant about his initial experience onto his tours in countries; United States, Thailand, Holland and Dubai as it’s outer looks bespoke determination and international standard outlook.
Ssempijja had been in the business before as a retailer contracted by Celtel and Pepsi products distributor in Masaka City in 2003.
First, Ssempijja’s hotel business idea emanated as early as 2008 after purchasing the land but it grew yonder when he visited the third most top building in the world, Twin Tower in Malaysia which inspired him to built what today counts as a grass-thatched Maple Leaf hotel, one of its kind in Masaka City.
The dream was alive but the capital wasn’t sufficient until when he saved the little meagre pocket money he had to start what today counts as a 6-billion project.
Buganda’s premier Charles Peter Mayiga accompanied with the Hotel manager Julius Matooma and the owner of the hotel Hajji Jamil Ssempijja recently
Jamil born at Ninzi Village in Kasaali subcounty, Kyoteta District attained a Diploma in Business Administration at Nkumba University which all propelled his zeal to invest heavily into the business sector.
Maple Leaf Hotel today, accomodates  three conference rooms; 250, 150, 40 people respectively and Ssempijja has not been selfish to involve his family too into the management.
Such facilities and services are charged ranging in; 800,000, 400,000, 300,000 respectively.
It is the patience, connection and unity and determination that has propelled Maple Leaf Hotel into a successful facility ready to serve all and sundry in Masaka City according to Moses Mutagubya also the son of the owner Ssempijja.
The two halls; Nambaale and Ssuubi have all attracted clients giving Ssempijja a reason to believe how far he has come and how far he has gone as far as business is concerned.