Pastor Bugingo Accused Teddy of Sexually Starving him

You can’t say we have been married for 29 years yet we have had sex less than 100 times — Pastor Bugingo continues to sting ex-wife Teddy.

In a lunch-hour service at Canaan Land on Thursday, Bugingo who was collecting prayer requests and contributions for ‘Pentagon’ church project narrated to his followers how his wife sexually starved him during marriage.

Bugingo said his decision to divorce wife was long overdue but God finally made it.

Bugingo informed his congregation that he made his final decision and will never return to his former wife Teddy.

He asked Ugandans to stop judging people when they have not carried out enough investigations.

Bugingo explained that his children who sided with Teddy will never benefit from his riches because culturally children do not fight their fathers.

Currently Bugingo is in courts of law in which he wants to divorce his wife Teddy.

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