Police in Mukono Intercepts Opposition supporters Banging Saucepans Demanding for Food

Police in Mukono dispersed opposition supporters led by Mukono municipality legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke who gathered banging sauce pans shouting “Twagala mmeere” (we want food) who had gathered at Nakabago village.

“Twagala mmeere” (we want food) is part of the opposition strategy to over throw Museveni government under their “No Nedda ” campaign launched under the joint opposition force of People Power and People’s Government.

Demonstration started peaceful at Nakabago village and they marched through Mukono industrial area up to Kayunga road while banging saucepans, jericans and bottles shouting “twagala mmeere”.

While demonstrating, Nambooze made several stopovers and decided to educate the public why they should join this campaign of demanding food from government.

She said that she cannot be at home and enjoy good meals with her kids when some families spend a day without a meal saying that this is the time for everyone to wake up and demand food from government.


Nambooze during this demonstration Nambooze decided to give out rice to children who had gathered around her home this is when police arrived and confiscated a 50kg sack of rice.

Officer in charge of Mukono Police station Ismail Kifude claims that demonstrators didn’t seek permission yet their campaign gathers people which is against the presidential directive of keeping social distance during the battle against the global pandemic of COVID-19.

OC Ismail Kifude and Betty Nambooze Bakireke

Kifude tried to arrest Nambooze, but she refused to board police patrol saying that she has not committed any offence arguing that its police which is disturbing her peace of invading her home.

Police decided to withdraw without arresting Nambooze but Kifude warned her not to participate again in unlawful gathering which may endanger people’s lives.

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