Uganda Police seal off Besigye’s home as President Museveni leads Anti-corruption walk

As President Museveni leads the country into an anti-corruption walk on Wednesday, December 4, the police have in the wee hours if the morning sealed off Dr. Kizza Besigye’s home in Kasangat and other opposition politicians homes, reports his personal assistant, Ronald Muhinda.

Dr. Besigye and his self-styled People’s Government announced on Tuesday they have made preparations to join the walk organized by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

They argue that since President Museveni invited all Ugandans who are against corruption to take part, they feel they should be part since they are not excluded from the circle.

However, Police spokesperson Fred_Enaga advised Besigye and the group to first get police clearance before thinking of joining the walk.
Mr. Museveni will lead the country in a walk aimed at raising awareness against corruption today, December 4, 2019, from the Constitutional Square to Kololo airstrip.

The People’s Government led by Dr. Besigye, on the other hand, say the walk by Museveni is to celebrate corruption in the country.

The group says it will hold a parallel walk on the same day to protest corruption tendencies in Uganda.